About Will

Will was born in Liverpool, but grew up from a very early age in Newton Abbott, Devon.

He worked as a graphic designer in advertising and with an exhibition design company and is also an excellent poet, musician and songwriter.  Many of his friends met him in the 1980’s while working in London and he is universally known as the kindest, sweetest man on the planet.  He is also extremely funny.

He has always been a supporter of the ecology and has spent the last few years creating a sustainable organic garden on the island of St. Maarten, where food is expensive and clean fresh water is scarce, resulting in a thriving co-operative which grows fresh veggies and farms Talapia fish all working in harmony with each-other. He also campaigned for biodegradable vegetable based plastics to be used instead of the traditional plastics used for take-away meals leaving tons of trash on the otherwise pristine beaches.

His trip to Peru was to the small town of Tarapoto where he joined several other volunteers making non-polluting energy generators to bring electricity to the local inhabitants. He had only been there a week when he accidentally slipped on a ladder and fell through some ceiling tiles onto the tiled floor 15ft below. The back of his head took the full impact of the fall resulting in severe brain trauma along with a fracture from ear to ear.

His condition is critical yet stable and he has been in a coma since April 1st aided by a tracheotomy. Infection is a constant problem and he has had several bouts of pneumonia.

He had his 59th birthday in hospital in Lima on April 13th.

Even though he is being hospitalised by the Peruvian Government under the equivalent of the NHS, we are campaigning to raise funds for his care, which includes items used for his daily cleanliness, bed clothing, anti-bedsore items and medicines which run up to a $100 per day.  He is being attended to by a couple of volunteers who go into the hospital on a daily basis (sometimes twice a day) in order to be given the stamped purchase order by the doctor to go out and buy the supplies.  If nobody is there, it doesn’t get done.

We need English/Spanish speaking volunteers as well as funds to keep a daily vigil and ensure that he maintains good health until he recovers.

Although the prognosis has always been very grim, there is always a chance and Will, as many of you know, is a miraculous kind of person who has a strong will and constitution and there is a chance that he may live a life of value despite major obstacles.

From May 19th, Will is now in a care home facility in the San Miguel area of Lima. He is in a room with another person, receiving daily care from a nurse who has 17 other patients to look after in various states of health.  It costs around $700 a month to keep him here which includes the necessary supplies of sundries that keep him clean and infection free.  Our goal is to wait for the point where he can be transported back to England on a commercial flight, which means he has to pass a medical test to allow him on the airline. He has to be conscious and able to sit upright for take off and landing and we are aiming to get him onto the new direct service on British Airways flight from Lima to Gatwick.

Will is now back in England and in the care of the National Health.

Thank you for everything you can do to help and support our efforts.