Xmas meet up with Chris


This just in from Chris Marchington:

“Hi Will-sters across the world.  Seasons Greetings, and say a little prayer, pull a little cracker, pour a large drink, or whatever it is you do for Will on the day. He’s ‘no change’, but not being uprooted anytime soon. He will be in The Royal Putney, in a new ward from 27th December. It’s the Andrew Reed Ward.

London and Home County Folk – I propose a Christmas visit on Thursday 28th around 12.30pm. So we can meet up near reception, my mobile is 0778 378 9413 if you don’t see us, maybe in elf regalia or similar Welch appropriate dress! Then down the pub afterwards.

Have a good one yourself ! X”

So get your skates on, wear something festive and remember to thank all the staff who have to work on Christmas Day to look after our dear friend.