Happy 60th Birthday, Will

Congratulations Will, you made it!  You’re 60 today and have just had the most incredible year of your life and many more ahead of you.

Here’s Stevie to sing it to you live!

And thank you to Sara Reeve, her 4 daughters, Richard and Karen for bringing in birthday cards and decorating for him during their busy day.

Thanks to Helena Dennison for traveling from north London to bring him a lovely birthday cake. See the pics below.

They had to blow them out shortly after as someone else was on oxygen!!

When you ask for help, you get miracles

After struggling through the first week of finding someone in Mill Valley who could speak Spanish so I could talk to the doctor in Tarapoto, then flying down to Lima and spending an anxious 4 days visiting Will in the UCI (ICU), I had the choice of going back or staying on another week. I needed a miracle.

I didn’t know what to do and literally prayed for help. My prayers were answered when I was contacted from a Facebook group of ex-pat Brits in Lima and arranged to meet a half Scottish/half Peruvian woman who said she might be able to help.  And that meeting created a lifelong bond between Will and his guardian angel.

Today, I want to honor Denise Crisanto Clark, who became Will’s guardian angel and daily visitor a year ago this day.  She is deserving of our special recognition after dedicating herself to being by his side day after day, on our behalf, for 10 months until she delivered him safely back to England.

Denise has the biggest heart, tireless positive energy, incredible generosity and a deep belief in the power of the human spirit and I believe Will is only here because of her love and encouragement.

Thank you Denise. My deepest respect to you, for all that you did.

Remember that it’s Will’s 60th birthday this Thursday, April 13th.  Helena Dennison and her daughter Andrea will be taking in a cake at 2pm to share with him and the nurses on the Tilgate Ward so please come and join them. I know he will love seeing you and realizing it’s his big day.

And if you are asking for a little help with a few miracles yourself, just ask. “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”



1 Year later

Today is 1 whole year since Will’s accident.  Today, a year ago, his life changed in an instant from a small miscalculation perhaps, or a slight imbalance, or who knows what. But his life was put on a different course in that moment.

I have looked back on that day many times; from the first post on Facebook which caught my eye late at night just as I was going to bed, to the following morning dreading what I might find on subsequent posts from multiple friends.  At first I was told it might be a hoax, you know -one of those “I’ve lost my wallet on holiday and need you to send me some money” type hoaxes.  But quickly I realized it wasn’t a hoax,  but a very serious situation which I felt was truly life threatening.  Falls onto your head are always bad and they induce all sorts of trauma related effects. Having been a practitioner of brain harmonization neurofeedback for 2 years, I knew what this meant. It meant physical, emotional and mental problems which would need long term attention, that is if he survived.

Like many of you, there were thoughts that it might be best for him not to survive – I know you thought that and I know the feeling that lurks in the depths below that lets the question of our mortality intrude into our personal space.  And our dear friend Will, who we may not see that often yet brings such a smile to our insides when we think of, is suddenly on the brink of not being here any more. He was very nearly not here and hundreds of people around the world had his life in their hands.

And now he is in good hands at East Surrey Hospital where he is definitely showing signs of getting better, being more present, stronger and determined to be here against all the odds, with your help, love and encouragement.

Think of him today and in the coming days leading up to his 60th birthday on April 13th when I hope some of you will be able to make it in to see him and celebrate him still being here.