New haircut

The wonderful Sara, Richard & Karen organized for Will to get a haircut and manicure so he is now sporting a cool spring do!

Many thanks to Zoe who is one of the ambulance crew that works with Richard and Karen, who came in to do this for him. He looks like he is enjoying the attention!

Also, Helen Chilvers and Katy (Hooper) Attwater came in on Friday and had a wonderful time with him and noticed how active he was in tracking them with his eyes when they were speaking. I am sure this is a result of how hard the physio-therapists are working with him even though he gets tired at the end of the day. And he visibly melts when they were giving him neck massages and loads of kisses which was lovely to see.

Claire Trigger has also been in again as well as Sara Reeve who continues to check in on him before going home at the end of her long days.

As spring is around the corner and it will soon be 1 year since he had his accident and a few more weeks to his 60th birthday on April 13th, I would like you all to make a super human effort to make it in to see him.  He has no-one but us to punctuate his long days in hospital and I know how much he enjoys his massages and kisses.

2 thoughts on “New haircut”

  1. Nic, what date is Will’s 60th, and do you think we could have a party for him, even if we have to stagger the visitors?

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