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I have been quiet these past few weeks just so I could catch up with my own life and see what transpired with Will’s care in the East Surrey hospital and get updates from his visitors.

My thanks to Brigitte Jaquillard, Richard Paddon, Chris Marchington and Holly Spice for visiting his past week and for the ongoing visits from the wonderful Sara Reeves.  Richard and Karen Hartley also visited (after clearing up that awful cold) and his ongoing physiotherapy now includes regular trips outside in his wheelchair to see the sunshine, clouds and trees and hear the birds, something I know he loves. He also gets some sessions to get his legs stronger and other sessions trying to get him to move his eyes in response to cards with yes and no on them.

Will gets some love from his long time friends Richard and Yvonne Paddon who came up again all the way from Devon.

If you haven’t yet been to visit, I encourage you to do so to give him much needed contact and reminiscence therapy which helps to rebuild association and memory.

The staff are doing their best with him especially the different therapy teams who are getting him up and out of bed, sitting in his chair and motivating him.  He could do with a lot more neck massages so be prepared to give them when you visit. He literally melts with pleasure when you do!

I will update as I get more information and the proposed transfer to the specialist hospital.  If you have any questions, please email using the Contact page on this site and I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can.

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  1. Just been to visit today and found Will sitting in his chair. He was the most responsive I’ve seen him. Squeezing my hand, looking at me and made a growling sound when I asked him to say my name. I played him some Crowded House but my ear phones weren’t working and I didn’t want to disturb the whole ward for long. I found the iPod with his name on but I could only find wave/ocean sounds (which was nice and we played it) and poor signal Radio 2. I’ll take my laptop next time and see if I can add some more tunes to it – anyone going sooner might like to put some on in the meantime. I should have taken him out into the sunshine but I was rather anxious to do that by myself – I’ll be braver next time! Claire X

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