Valentine’s Day

I spent a long time with Will as it was my last day with him before leaving on Thursday morning, back to the USA.  I met with Sara Reeve, Richard and Karen Hartley (who are thankfully over their nasty flu) and gave them all hugs for being so kind. Sara continues to go in every afternoon before going home and writes in the diary, bless her.

He was sat in his chair at 10:30 when I arrived on the ward, so I took him for a walk along the corridors so he could see outside and look at the trees and sky, something he hasn’t been able to do for nearly a year. Imagine that for a moment!

I left my iPod which can play radio as well as play songs, so he had an hour listening to a meditation track plus some Radio 2 and sounds of the beach and waves from the Caribbean.  I have left it plugged into the panel behind so it is fully charged and ready to play anytime you visit.  If anyone wants to add tunes to it, bring your laptop and transfer some songs onto it (unfortunately it doesn’t work with Apple Music, just your downloaded files).  I also played him some ‘System 7’ from my iPhone which he loves.

He also had physio with the two lovely therapists who are taking close notes on how he responds to moving his fingers and thumbs on command. He’s got plenty of clothes in his suitcase to wear and today he was wearing his famous blue jumper! 

He is on a waiting list for the Putney SMART facility but there are 4 others waiting to be transferred there from this hospital alone but we know miracles seem to happen to our Will, so fingers crossed.

A huge thank you to Christina who came to see him over the weekend and Chris, Maya and Carla on Monday. Please try to go in during the week if you can. He needs all the stimulation he can get to keep his spirits high and his attention out!

The ward senior sister, Yougall, is wonderful, as are all of the nurses, Carlos, Charley and Patricia who are treating him as a real person and talk to him all the time they care for him.

I will keep you as up to date as possible and if you have pictures of your visit or have information you want everyone to know, please email them to me via this website or PM me on Facebook Messenger.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Safe journey home Nic, you deserve a break. I hope Steve and I can get to meet you when you are over next from the US, and hopefully in Putney, which is also better for Steve and I to travel to, so no excuses.
    Take care xx

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