Washed and ready!

Denise has washed all of Will’s clothes in readiness for his flight home. Luckily he didn’t have much but it’s all here along with his laptop and important documents.

Washed and ready!
Washed and ready!

More significantly, news of his impending return seems to be positively affecting him as he moved his left arm onto his stomach, by himself yesterday.  This shows signs of further recovery neurologically and I trust we will see more.

I'm ready when you are!
I’m ready when you are!

In the meantime, we are waiting for news from the Foreign Office with regards to arrangements and Denise and Rosemary are contacting ambulance services and the British Benevolent Society in Lima in preparation for the trip.

It is my sincerest wish that we have him home before the end of the month but at least by Christmas, which is not that far away now.

Thank you for being willing to keep donating; even $5 helps us get him back to England.  And don’t forget about the dance on December 11th in Hereford, details of which will be posted here and on Facebook.

Fit to Fly!

We have just had a visit by a doctor chosen from a list given to us by the Foreign Office who examined Will and declared to Elisabeth and Denise that Will is in very good condition, infection free and fit to fly with a nurse (no doctor needed) and an assistant.

This is fabulous news and brings the prospect of getting him home before Christmas a real possibility depending on getting the British end organized so he has somewhere to go.

What is amazing is that Denise told him a doctor was coming to see him to assess him and see if he could fly home and he opened his eyes wider than ever before and gave a HUGE grin, not just a little smile but a big, cheesy grin!!!!

So, time to get your dancing shoes on, find a venue and raise the air fare for him, Denise and a registered nurse to bring him home.

Thumbs up from the care team 🙂