July 5th 9am PST

Will is stable and continues to receive visits from the care team regularly,  being read to and played English radio plus his favourite music.

We are still awaiting the neurologist appointment after contact with the Foreign Office who is attempting to arrange a pro bono visit from the one they use, which we are hoping will give us greater weight when asking the airlines to accommodate him on a commercial aircraft.  We know that he cannot board until he is fully out of the coma and we also have the challenge of keeping his body upright (possibly in some sort of body brace).  He has been ‘resting’ for 3 months now (he had his accident on the evening of April 1st) so we don’t know if he can sit upright when he is conscious.

Rosemary made this report from her visit yesterday –

I saw Will today, and talked about the photos on the wall, my animals, animal welfare in Peru, environment and plastic in Peru and what we are doing about it, Brexit. He seemed to wake and sleep.
Are they his cats in the photo? What are their names and who is looking after them? Could be useful to talk about. One of them seems to be on the screen of his laptop.
I mentioned his friend Chris who had raised funds, Nic’s visit, and all the people who are visiting here.  I left him with BBC news playing.
He looked much the same. But he seemed to react and opened his eyes when I took his hand. I was there the best part of two hours.
I try to reassure him, tell him he is suffering from a nasty concussion, is definitely getting better, and has a lot of good friends back in England who are always asking after him, plus some new but firm friends here in Lima.
I always tell him the time and the date and my name. Now I say I am a friend of Nic and Denise’s.

We will need more funds to fly him back so please be prepared to dig a little deeper when that arises and in the meantime do whatever you can to raise funds in creative ways like bake sales, walks, runs, concerts and naked car washes (just checking to see if anyone is reading this far!!)

For those who didn’t see the video in the previous post, I also received a short video from Denise and Claudia’s visit on June 24th which I renamed and relocated on YouTube privately.

2 thoughts on “July 5th 9am PST”

  1. Thank you for the great up date. Steve and i will be putting some funds in, unfortunately won’t be a great deal but I hope it will help in some way.
    Lots of love Will, and thank you Rosemary xx

  2. Thank you, Chrisy and Steve, the more we know the names of Will’s friends and what they do, the more we can talk to him about what interests him and really means something to him. On my next visit I am going to tell him a few jokes.

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