Donation from Chris Munton’s run

I am very grateful to Chris Munton for his supreme effort running the half marathon on behalf of Will.

After receiving his £900 donation converted in dollars, we are now at $9,205 in total since April 2nd.

Many thanks Chris; your donation will go to his physio, nutritionist, tracheotomy reversal and ongoing monthly care home costs.


If anyone else would like to do a sponsored “anything” and donate the funds to Will’s campaign, please get in touch with me and I will help spread the word!

And as always, a big thank you to Charles McCoy, Rosemary Underhay, Claudia Sevillano Chávez and Denise Crisanto Clark for their tireless dedication.  I’ll have an update after speaking with Denise this weekend.

Physiotherapy has begun

A physiotherapist named Nancy has been in to see Will to evaluate his condition and has already started working with him to help him regain movement and strength in his core, arms and legs.

For the first time since his accident, he has been sat up and has his eyes open while Nancy and Elisabeth work with him.  Nancy is confident that she can get him on the road to recovering as much of his strength as possible.  She will be working with Will 4 days per week for an hour each visit.

As you can see and hear, Nancy is a happy and enthusiastic therapist!
He still has a feeding tube in his nose so don’t be alarmed at that or the dent in his forehead which he has had since birth and is not a result of the accident.




Neurologist visit July 15th

An amazing neurologist, Silvia Talavera, (part British!) donated her time and expertise to come in with Denise and check up on the Willster and give us her analysis of what is going on.


She had a look at the scans from just before leaving the hospital and as a quick overview she says that he will get better.  According to her, he does have sensation in his body, as the area in his brain that governs that hasn’t been affected.  The affected area is the frontal lobe which is more to do with the personality and comprehension, so we can still expect him to be different from the Will we all used to know.


His paralysis is not total, although his right side is more responsive than the left, so we need to focus on physio to attend to the left side more.  She also said that his trunk/body has not been affected by the brain injury, so it is time to get him training to strengthen his core and sit him up. She recommended and then called one of her colleagues to do this.

I had noted on my visits down that his left elbow wouldn’t go beyond 90 degrees and has asked the hospital doctors to check if it was broken.  They assured me it wasn’t but when Denise asked Silvia to check that out for me, she said it definitely looked dislocated, so this will need to be addressed. I hope it can be put back so he has full range of motion again but I am annoyed the doctors didn’t believe me!

A tracheostomy only lasts 4-6 months, so we were approaching the time when it was either needing to be renewed or removed.  Silvia is recommending for it to be removed, which can be done without moving him, as it will help him in his recovery to start him breathing through his nose again – important not only for filtering inhalation but engaging the brain.  (If you have done any form of meditation you will know how important it is to breathe through the nose to awaken the brain). It will help stave off any recurring infection to the chest as there is no filtration on the open tracheostomy at the moment.

Silvia took his blood saturation levels and said he is OK so it would be fine to do the reversal.

His diet is being adjusted to 1,800cc to help the kidneys and liver as 2,000cc was deemed too much for them to process.  Another one of Silvia’s friends will come in and work with Elisabeth on the nutrition levels and make recommendations for any adjustment in supplements.  he is still on the Omega 3’s and I will be sending more down with one of the care team who is coming to visit San Francisco in early August – much safer than sending through Air Mail!

Overall, he is being looked after very well, she said, with no bed sores and excellent hygiene, so muchas gracias to Elisabeth and her assistants.  Elisabeth told Silvia that Will is awake more during the night and sleeping through the day so Silvia made recommendations on how to stimulate him more during the day so he can sleep during the night.

Silvia said that of all the care homes she has been in, this one is being run really well and she can sense that Elisabeth really cares about her patients.

In the midst of so much horrific news from around the world, I continue to be immensely humbled by the kindness and dedication of others and the countless hours they have invested in their knowledge and expertise, which has been so freely given.  It seems that there is truth in the saying “there are no strangers in this world, just friends we haven’t met yet”.

All encouraging news and once we start training him to sit up and have the reversal of the tracheostomy completed, we can get closer still to our goal of getting him on a flight back home.


July 5th 9am PST

Will is stable and continues to receive visits from the care team regularly,  being read to and played English radio plus his favourite music.

We are still awaiting the neurologist appointment after contact with the Foreign Office who is attempting to arrange a pro bono visit from the one they use, which we are hoping will give us greater weight when asking the airlines to accommodate him on a commercial aircraft.  We know that he cannot board until he is fully out of the coma and we also have the challenge of keeping his body upright (possibly in some sort of body brace).  He has been ‘resting’ for 3 months now (he had his accident on the evening of April 1st) so we don’t know if he can sit upright when he is conscious.

Rosemary made this report from her visit yesterday –

I saw Will today, and talked about the photos on the wall, my animals, animal welfare in Peru, environment and plastic in Peru and what we are doing about it, Brexit. He seemed to wake and sleep.
Are they his cats in the photo? What are their names and who is looking after them? Could be useful to talk about. One of them seems to be on the screen of his laptop.
I mentioned his friend Chris who had raised funds, Nic’s visit, and all the people who are visiting here.  I left him with BBC news playing.
He looked much the same. But he seemed to react and opened his eyes when I took his hand. I was there the best part of two hours.
I try to reassure him, tell him he is suffering from a nasty concussion, is definitely getting better, and has a lot of good friends back in England who are always asking after him, plus some new but firm friends here in Lima.
I always tell him the time and the date and my name. Now I say I am a friend of Nic and Denise’s.

We will need more funds to fly him back so please be prepared to dig a little deeper when that arises and in the meantime do whatever you can to raise funds in creative ways like bake sales, walks, runs, concerts and naked car washes (just checking to see if anyone is reading this far!!)

For those who didn’t see the video in the previous post, I also received a short video from Denise and Claudia’s visit on June 24th which I renamed and relocated on YouTube privately.