June 2nd 1:30 PST

One of the British volunteers, Rosemary,  went in to see Will yesterday and I wanted to pass on her update as she wrote it.

I think Will was dozing when I arrived. But I spoke to him anyway, chatted a bit, and then read to him for an hour. He opened his eyes quite often. He was bending his left leg quite a lot. He was trying to move, I think.

I reminded him several times about what happened to him, where he is and how he got there, and how many friends are helping and in contact, back home and here. That he is safe and in good hands, and improving. And not to worry. And that Elizabeth is looking after him very well.

Rosemary is going to see if she can tell him a few more funny stories so I’ve  advised some Spike Milligan and other British comedians for her next visit.

It’s encouraging to see him continuing to respond.

I have also sent off the latest scans in high resolution to a UK neurosurgeon friend and await his response. The LBT have also received them and are getting responses from their contacts but have already given me feedback that the normal air ambulance companies they use don’t operate as far away as Lima so they are digging deeper to find if any other companies can do so at a reasonable cost.