April 25th, 9:00pm PST

Denise went into the hospital today and talked with the doctor after visiting hours and gave the nutritionist Will’s Ensure mix for his food intake. He said that the case is still very severe in respect that it could be months to see some more improvement, eye movement etc. so he is not out of danger. The chance of infection through the tracheotomy is still possible (pneumonia etc.) and potentially he could stay in this state for some time.

The Peruvian national insurance does allow him to stay in hospital for an indefinite period, which is a blessing, and getting him ready to fly back will have to be negotiated with the airline of choice. I am contacting someone at British Airways that I know from my youth, who may be able to give guidance on this aspect, as getting him back to the UK would seem to be the best option as long as we are not putting him at additional risk.

I know how it is easy to let life carry on around us so thank you for remembering to keep him “front and centre” in your mind even if it is for a short period of time several times a day. If you have longer to tune in and really encourage him, I know he would be so grateful for that.

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