BBC Hereford and Worcester

Thank you to Elliott Webb and Toni McDonald for their coverage on BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio this morning.

They interviewed Chris Marchington about Will’s story and were kind enough to broadcast the website for Will’s fund raising campaign.  Thanks to Chris for calling in to them – it happens that the Oddbins where Will worked in Hereford up until 2008 is right near the broadcast studios and one of the reporters remembered him.

If you want to listen to the segment, go to the link below and forward to 1:06 on the timeline.


April 29th, 8:00am PST

#WillWelch update From Denise Crisanto-Clark.

“I went in to see Will on Thursday, who’s being taken good care of by hospital staff at Dos de Mayo; even though it’s one of the most basic places you could imagine, the pool of doctors are of a very high standard, plus nurses are very caring.

I always find Will very clean and constantly supervised. I was even approached by a social services assistant who was querying a bit more about Will and talking to me about support. Needless to say, constant visits are a must because he needs supplies to be taken in on a daily/interdaily basis.

I said hello to Will and started stroking his head, and to my surprise got some reaction with him moving his head slightly and yawning, which for me meant the acknowledgment of this visit. I also noticed his left eye was slightly open and the doctor confirmed that he has been trying to open his left eye. There are no other considerable changes and his condition is still delicate. Will has an infection in his tracheotomy site, for which he’s been give some antibiotics. I will be there tomorrow (Friday) to see if we need to take in any more antibiotics. Doctors can’t say at this stage when he could be moved to a general floor (or be fit to be moved at all) until he is out of risk of infection.
I did some physio on Will’s legs, played him some music and relayed the love that’s been sent from his friends from all over the world. I also told him that everyone’s wanting him to get better, so he’d better know that. He needs a lot of support, so your prayers, wishes, donations and options for the future are very necessary and welcome at this point.”

April 28th, 5:00pm PST

In case any of you are wondering, I am transferring the donations from PayPal over to YouCaring. This means the total you see on YouCaring is not the full amount!  It is just over $5,000 and will show the correct amount in a couple of days once transferred.

April 28th, 8:00 PST

I was contacted by BBC Hereford and Worcester about the campaign and I have forwarded on the request to Will’s friends Chris and Maya Marchington in England so they can call locally and update the reporter about Will’s story.  I hope this will result in some extra publicity for this campaign and will let you know if it will be featured.

Suffice to say, please tell yourself and your loved ones to get travel insurance on EVERY trip taken. It is not just for lost baggage and delays, it is vital for your well being.

Denise will be visiting again today and reading more poems from the book of 100 Best English Poems and playing more music.  It is good for him to hear spoken English because he is surrounded by Spanish speaking staff and the usual hospital ‘noises’ so an hour of English spoken word and human contact is so important.

I am also working on a “care package” of better nutrition and supplements so he can keep in the best possible shape while he is recovering.  Thank you everyone for your continued support.

April 27th, 7:00am PST

Frances Crisanto went in to see Will yesterday (mother of Denise and a former nurse). No change in status in his condition.

I have had a conversation with a BA pilot friend and there is a strict protocol for allowing patients on board and we have a way to go before Will can be eligible. He needs to be able to sit upright for take off and landing and to be conscious even if he is unable to do much else.

Meanwhile he is being massaged and read to in English and being played good music.

April 25th, 9:00pm PST

Denise went into the hospital today and talked with the doctor after visiting hours and gave the nutritionist Will’s Ensure mix for his food intake. He said that the case is still very severe in respect that it could be months to see some more improvement, eye movement etc. so he is not out of danger. The chance of infection through the tracheotomy is still possible (pneumonia etc.) and potentially he could stay in this state for some time.

The Peruvian national insurance does allow him to stay in hospital for an indefinite period, which is a blessing, and getting him ready to fly back will have to be negotiated with the airline of choice. I am contacting someone at British Airways that I know from my youth, who may be able to give guidance on this aspect, as getting him back to the UK would seem to be the best option as long as we are not putting him at additional risk.

I know how it is easy to let life carry on around us so thank you for remembering to keep him “front and centre” in your mind even if it is for a short period of time several times a day. If you have longer to tune in and really encourage him, I know he would be so grateful for that.

April 25th, 8:00am PST

No-one was able to go in yesterday due to several factors but Rosa will be there today for more updates. I am hoping to hear more about opening his eyes and movement and will update after I receive any feedback. In the meantime, a back end has been installed behind this page and I have had a volunteer offer to help build out a website and gather more donations. Thank you for the recent donations – keep them coming as they are needed for his daily care and upcoming repatriation.

April 22nd, 9:00am PST

Denise has done wonders getting Will’s government paperwork signed so that his care can be extended. It took about 3 hours even with preferential treatment. We cannot thank her enough for taking this on for us.

Meanwhile, I will be changing this site into a more responsive platform for blogging and updating so it will go through a few changes over the weekend.

April 21st, 9:00am PST

Denise reports that the doctor in the intermediate ward saw Will open his eyes and move his legs yesterday. He has had some of his favourite music played through headphones and continues to receive massages on his legs, arms and hands and the bruising is almost gone around his eyes.