Donation campaign for Will

Sad news:  Will died peacefully in his sleep on Sat Dec 7th, 2019 at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney, London (

I would like to thank all the wonderful staff for his care for the past 2.5 years and the dedication of Chris Marchington and Claire Trigger who visited with Will on the evening of his death.

Thank you to all the doctors and nurses at the RHN and everyone who made his welcome home possible.

You are missed, dear Will and much loved by all of us.

Background: Will traveled to Peru in late March 2016 to assist in the start up of a humanitarian organization in Tarapoto and was volunteering with his friend Dave Stewart, whom he had met and worked with in St. Maarten. On Saturday (April 2nd 2016) I was informed via Facebook that he had fallen from a first floor walkway, landing on his head on the ground floor and was unconscious in a coma in the local hospital with a severely fractured skull along with swelling of the brain.

Will was stabilized but needed to get to a main hospital ICU in Lima.  Enough money was raised to get him flown to The Hospital ‘Dos de Mayo’ in Lima where he was stabilized but remained in a coma.  He was later transferred to the ICU but they were unable to operate or do anything other than give him a tracheotomy for breathing.  After a few weeks he was discharged because they could do nothing further for him and he was housed in an elder care home in Lima until he was declared fit enough to return to England on a commercial flight accompanied by two nurses in Jan 2017.

My name is Nic Meredith and I take full responsibility for any direction of funds raised in this emergency campaign. Many of you know me personally and I have made my Facebook feed “Public” for everyone to see his progress and the story so far, using #WillWelch.

Anything you donate will only be used for medical expenses, rehabilitation and repatriation and where authorized by his sister, Judy, (who is in England but unable to fly).  We are using the funds for daily care needs which are not covered by the Peruvian national insurance (SIS) and several volunteers are going in to see him every day during visiting hours so that he hears English and is read messages from his many friends around the world.

Thank you for all you have given.