April 4th 2:50pm PST

I have spoken with the administrator of the hospital in Tarapoto and a freind of Will’s who has been at the hospital and has signed off on paying for the costs of $600 approximately. I have been authorized by his sister to pay for this out of the funds raised. Thank you to all of you who have donated so far.

The good news is that the flight from Tarapoto to Lima and the special ICU bed are all covered by National Insurance but there will likely be medicine costs for any operations that are required after initial scans have been done in Lima. I have been assured by the doctor who will be traveling with Will on the plane between Tarapoto and Lima that he will be safe and stable on this part of the journey.

The bad news is that there are no beds in Lima in the ICU at the moment but they are working on making one available as soon as possible. Once they have confirmation of an available bed, he will be moved there.

April 4th 11:50am PST

We have raised $3,000 so far and I am about to have a call with the hospital with a Spanish speaker who will verify the doctor’s prognosis and talk to the administrator regarding costs.

April 4th 10am PST

I have just made contact with Judy, his sister, and she knows about this campaign. She remembers that I was the person who brought Will back from St. Maarten last year so a connection has been made! She said that the Foreign Office will not pay for any of the bills associated with this situation. The F.O. have contacted the hospital in Lima to see if a bed is available and at the moment there aren’t any, but they are working on getting one. If one is found then there is a bed to go to, depending on Will’s ability to be transported from Tarapoto by Medivac plane.

April 4th, 6:30am PST

Thank you for your amazing response so far. We have raised just over $2,000. If you are in need of verification that this is a real situation, please reach out to me using the email, or one of your friends who may know Will.