Neuro rehab

Although I don’t have too many details yet, the recent MRI scans show enough for the team of doctors, physios and occupational therapists to offer neurological rehabilitation to Will with a possible move to a specialist unit in Putney where they utilize the SMART assessment system pioneered by Helen Gill.

There is of course a waiting list as these positions are for long term patients, but he will be able to remain in the Tilgate ward until he can be moved.

He is receiving physio, neuro-physio and speech therapy from a wonderful team who are focusing on him standing, sitting, responding to commands and ways to begin using his vocal chords again. When you haven’t spoken for a day or two, you know how long it takes to get your voice back, so imagine what it might be like after 10 months.

I have also been filling out a profile of what he likes and dislikes with the help of his friends and my own knowledge of him, so the staff are realizing what a funny, smart, loving chap he is.  I have also left a copy of ‘Ricky’s Thesaurus’, which is one of the books he designed and wrote with Clive Collins (Phil’s brother), so the staff can see the fruits of his labours.

We don’t need any further donations just now but may do later on if there is something he needs, but in the meantime he needs your visits and hand holding to break up the long days. There is a diary for you to write in when you see him and I’m sure he will appreciate looking back at all of them when he is able.

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