10 months on

#WillWelch It’s been exactly 10 months since his accident and I am happy to report that Will had his gastrostomy yesterday (a “peg” as they call it).  He can now be fed through this with greater volume to build him up and without the restrictions of that awful nose tube, which has gone at long last.

Here he is relaxed and snoozing looking much more like his old self again, but in need of a good shave.  I will be up to see him again tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “10 months on”

  1. As I just put on Steve Mackney’s FB , don’t put off visiting … copy of that message

    Just for the record, no, don’t ‘hold off’. He needs human contact now as much as he needs his meds and his physio. Go this weekend, do a shift, hold his hand, let him hear your voice. If it’s ‘busy’ great. Join in or go for a coffee and come back later. There’s very little in the way of visiting time regulations. Today it was Nic, the lovely Carla, and me, and he must have thought it was Groundhog Day ( it is Groundhog Day ) with Nic and me chatting away till Carla spoke to him. We played him some great tunes from his past – hope it triggered some memories on his inner juke-box. Go this weekend ! And it was great to see someone from his / our / my past, Carla.

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