Recent visits

Will is working well with physio, neuro-physio and occupational therapists and was sat up in a chair on Friday morning to do strength tests and exercises to see how well the brain/body connection was responding.

He is being carefully evaluated and assessed for his current and long term needs and there is a plan slowly beginning to emerge.

Friends Simon, Jason and Chloe from Hereford and Elaine, who flew over from Spain, all came to visit on Friday and Chris and Maya came in on Saturday.

Delighted to see Brigitte Jaquillard and Helena Dennison today plus Richard & Yvonne Paddon back again for another visit today, on their way back down to Devon.

He will probably have his gastrostomy early this week and then see about the tracheo hole later on.

He has a great set of photos on the wall, plus a steam train calendar, to show the doctors and nurses the Will we all know.

Please make time to visit, as he really enjoys having people hold his hand and talk to him as well as remind him of how he is in a safe place with friends nearby.

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