Visiting Will

Will is now settled into his new routine and is warm, comfortable and enjoying a good snore. It was quite a nice surprise when I heard him use his voice for the first time, breathing out, now that his tracheo hole has been completely covered.

It is pretty certain that he will have a gastrostomy to aid feeding and take that awful tube out of his nose, even though the one he has had since his arrival has been smaller in diameter.  He will be going for a quick op to have this done under a local anesthetic.

So, if you would like to start visiting him, you can do so starting tomorrow (Thurs).

How to find his room: He is at East Surrey Hospital, Canada Avenue, Redhill RH1 5RH. Park in the visitors car park and enter through the East Entrance.  Walk through the main doors and continue until you reach the corridor and turn right.  Follow the corridor until you see Acute Medical Ward on the left.  Walk straight through the outpatients area and follow the signs to Bay 4. He is in Room 5, which is the first on the right.  Please make sure you use the hand sanitisers before going into the room.

How to be with him: The best way to be with him is to take hold of his left hand and call his name in your normal voice.  He will normally be sleeping so give him time to come round.  He will usually look straight at you but sometimes just stares straight ahead.  You can hold onto his hands but will only feel movement in his left hand.

Be aware that the nursing staff will need to come in to aspirate and clean his mouth so as it is a very small private room you may have to vacate when they do this.

Diary/visitors book:
There is a diary/visitors book in the room, so please state when you visited and leave your personal message to him.

Frances and Denise return to Lima:
Denise was in for the last time yesterday and gave him a final leg massage and some physio.  I dropped them both off this morning at Gatwick and they departed despite the fog and frosty weather.   Denise was in every day and is probably looking at some well deserved time off when she gets home.

Bon voyage and thank you to both of you for bringing him safely home.

2 thoughts on “Visiting Will”

  1. Safe journey home to Frances and Denise – what extraordinarily generous women. Huge thanks to them both. And thanks also to you Nic – what a tremendous act of determination and kindness. I look forward to seeing our old chum in the not too distant future xxx

  2. Great to learn that Will has made it home. Well done and a huge thank you to all who made it possible. I will endeavour to get to speak to my friend and old workmate sometime soon.

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