Sunday visit

Graciously taking time out from their Sunday off, ambulance team Richard & Karen Hartley and logistics manager Sara Reeve spent time with us after my arrival from San Francisco so we could talk about the ongoing arrangements being negotiated. Richard & Karen will be taking Will to any outpatient service he needs in their ambulance and I know he will be in good hands.

And I can’t quite believe this, but Sara has offered to let any of Will’s friends who have a long way to travel, to stay overnight at her home nearby!  How amazing is that!! If you need to do this, get in touch with me and I will connect you to her.

I gave them all small gifts of appreciation on your behalf.

Sara Reeve, Denise, Karen and Richard Hartley come and say hello to Will on their day off.

Maya Marchington also came in to update me on the important steps that are needed to ensure Will is represented legally and again my thanks go to her for getting him here. It took a great deal of hair pulling, nail biting and investigation with serious legal connections to pull this off and we are very lucky she is such a powerful negotiator. Hear her latest broadcast on BBC Hereford with Toni McDonald and Elliott Webb here.

There are still many decisions to make and I will be with the consultants today to find out what the scans indicate.  Please wait until we get the clearance for friends to visit as this room is just temporary until he is moved into the appropriate ward.

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