Back home at last!

Will has landed at Gatwick and is now in the care of East Surrey Hospital. He had a comfortable flight and the British Airways crew were amazingly helpful and caring and amazed to hear of his adventure.

The ambulance crew come on board to lift him gently onto the stretcher and take him off onto the ambulance.

Richard and Karen Hartley meet Will for the first time on board and prepare to take him off.

The crew say farewell and ask to be kept informed of his progress.

Into the ambulance and off to the hospital.

Into the chilly English air arriving at the hospital.

He is then taken into the Acute Medical Unit to be admitted.

2 thoughts on “Back home at last!”

  1. Wonderful. What marvellous friends Will has to manage this for him. And how hard he has fought himself. Lima sends best wishes! Onwards and upwards.

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