Flight Day

Lima, 4:50pm: I’m watching the live process of Will being transported from Frances’s home to the airport via video feeds from Denise’s iPhone. He is looking well and relaxed and on is way now.

5:14pm:  The typical afternoon traffic keeps the tension high!

7:00pm:  After Frances was not allowed to stay with Will in the ambulance to go through immigration, she and Denise are now through and taking Will’s bags and theirs on board with them.

I’m just happy they’ve got through to this point as they wouldn’t let Frances stay in the ambulance with Will!!

They will get on board as soon as they can and meet up with him while he waits patiently with the doctor in the ambulance at the aircraft side.

7:00pm: Waiting to board.

7:33pm:  The plane was late arriving so Denise had time to do a brief FaceTime call and update with me.  She ended the call as she thought they were being called to go on, but it was a false alarm.  Still waiting.

7:40pm: The Captain has been spotted and he came over to say hello and the crew acknowledged them too.

8:05pm:  First to board and Frances prepares his seat.

8:35pm:  Buckled up and ready to go!

8:50pm: Over an hour late because of the inbound aircraft arriving late, but they are on their way.

God speed Will, Frances and Denise.

2 thoughts on “Flight Day”

  1. The ambulance men told me that when Will was alone with them, as Denise and Frances were going through immigrations, they asked Will: “You OK, Mister William?”, Will blinked firmly! So he understands strangers and remembers to blink to say ‘yes’. He was quite calm and apparently fine with them until he was boarded and met by Frances and then Denise. Well done, Will. I am sooo looking forward to seeing photos of them all arriving and being met of and Will snug in hospital.

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