Final clearance obtained

I’m happy to report that final medical clearance has been obtained from British Airways for the flight home with ambulances at both ends cleared for aircraft side embarkation and disembarkation.

Major kudos to Maya Marchington for her persistence with East Surrey and the NHS to get the English end sorted in time. It took a lot of telephone calls and legal wrangling to get everyone to bend to her wishes – she is a formidable force! Thank you!!

This means we are confirmed for pick up at Gatwick Airport to take Will and the nurses to East Surrey Hospital for admission. Once we have him settled in we will be able to let you all know which ward he is in to start your visits. I know you are all enthusiastic to see him but please don’t call the hospital to find out any information as I’m sure they will have enough to do!

Pray for a smooth and comfortable flight and some good weather in Gatwick. He won’t be used to the cool weather but I’m sure he will remember it!

I will report again once he has landed and let you all know his status.

Until then may I reiterate how grateful I am to everyone involved who has made this happen, from the Peruvian national health system, the doctors and nurses in the hospital, the care home staff and all the boots on the ground, most especially Denise and Frances.

Hold tight, he’s coming home.

2 thoughts on “Final clearance obtained”

  1. Thats brilliant news. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nic, Denise and mum, and all the staff for taking care of Will.
    Bless you, love Chrisy and Steve xx

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