1 week to go

This time next week, France and Denise will be getting Will ready to go in the ambulance off to the airport and meet up with a member of the Foreign Office to go through the immigration exit process.

It’s quite a daunting task for them as he will be in transit from the house for up to an hour and a half and then however long the process takes to get him through immigration and on board the aircraft.  As you know, these planes go back and forth with only a refuel and short break while passengers disembark and it gets cleaned and restocked for the return flight.  Timing everything will be nail biting as he needs to be turned and fed, cleaned and aspirated constantly.  Pray for a smooth transition from here to the aircraft and then the 11 hours in the air.

A foot operated aspirator. Far too big and heavy for the aircraft!

Denise and I went into central Lima to find a manual aspirator we needed for the flight but after a dozen different shops came up with nothing other than something out of the 1950’s, which would work but not be practical on board!

A hand operated aspirator which is much lighter and can be rented for 2 weeks.

So we finally opted to rent a more modern one but we have to go back and pick it up even further away today!

I won’t see Jorgé (George) again before I leave, so we said our goodbyes and exchanged emails so he could be kept in touch with Will’s progress once he is back in England.  Each nurse does 12 and 24 hour shifts so they become quite attached to him, developing their own non verbal interactions and understanding of how he is feeling. Jorgé is kind and gentle and is amazed how strong Will has been.

I leave very late tonight, frustrated that we still don’t have the destination secured once he gets to Gatwick but we are assured we will have one in time.  I will be monitoring the situation constantly as I travel back even though I leave immediately to Texas for 4 days to meet my Mum, my sister and my two nieces, and my newest great niece and great nephew for the first time!

Keep Will in your thoughts and prayers until he is safely in NHS care.


2 thoughts on “1 week to go”

  1. Well it’s the final move home approaching fast. We are all routing for as smooth a journey as possible for Will this is a huge step and I’m sure will bring him equally as good nursing in the U K as he has already received in Lima since April. Also his many fellow Brits will be able to visit and comfort him with more friendly recognizable voices from his past with warm hearts that may trigger some rewarding responses. Everyone will be very relieved once he is back on home ground safe and sound and admitted into a suitable N H S care facility. This is another huge fight on the cards coming up for him just to continue and stay with us. He’s made it this far against all the odds with his own strength and determination to carry on. I just can’t believe what he’s been through so far its incredible and amazin. (What a fighter. All fingers crossed for our Will ).

  2. Over here in Lima, we always encourage Will by reminding him that he has very good friends who care for him and are really looking forward to seeing him back home. So it is good to see messages like this to tell him about. He can’t be looking forward to returning home in his present state, so a good welcome is very important. I am sure lots of visits and gentle conversations with his old friends will help him make real progress. For many months he has had to rely on people he has never met before for his English-speaking visits, it must have been terribly confusing, but he knows us well now and can firmly take hold of our hands with his left hand and won’t let go! It must be reassuring for him, and also it is one way he has of communicating. He can also blink deliberately to say ‘yes’. It doesn’t always work, but often it is often quite clear that he is answering or agreeing. It might help his old friends to know this when you visit.

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