BBC Midlands TV clip

Thanks to everyone who went along today to the Victory pub. I hope you had a great time and took lots of pictures to show Will on his return.

I am posting a clip of the BBC Midlands where the party was featured.

Many thanks to Chris Marchington for setting this up and the landlord for donating the food and to Wholly Splice for organising the bands!



Big effort for the party

Hi all,

I have been quiet for a while because I was expecting to get assistance with the tickets for him to fly home before Christmas, but unfortunately that fell through.

Now more than ever it is imperative that we get him home before anything else develops which could take him off his “fit to fly” status, so get togged up and ready to party on Dec 11th to raise the roof for him.

We are paying close attention to his health status and may have him visit a clinic for a few days to get everything checked over in terms of the healing of his tracheo and brain imaging so we can see what is happening after the last scans.  I am going to visit for the first two weeks of January as he hasn’t seen anyone he knows since June and I hope during that time I can oversee getting him on board and off back to England.  But it is going to depend on all of us to raise enough money for the flights back.

So, please make every effort to attend his party and make it a spectacularly fun event.

On a separate note, it is Denise’s birthday today, so a huge Happy Birthday to her on her special day and even bigger thanks for all she has done to look after him for us.