Half way there!

We are within a few dollars of getting half way to our goal, thanks to one large donation from one of Will’s old friends.  But we are still needing a final push to get all of the tickets booked and confirmed.

And then there is the daily care he is getting from visiting nurses to ensure that he is healthy enough to get on the flight and survive the 14-18 hours he will be in transit.  This involves the IV fluids, a greater number of feeds and supplements and the cost of the special bed we have hired for the weeks he is there.

We are at a nail-biting delicate stage of being committed to flights which will be non-refundable and keeping him fit to fly before the departure date, so this momentum must be kept going.

Here he is getting another of his morning feeds from a visiting nurse. He will get much more attention here than in the care home as there was only a couple of technicians spread between 11 people.  This will be more costly,  but it is necessary to give him the best chance for enduring the journey and arriving in England safely.

Please keep him in your loving thoughts and prayers over Christmas and New Year.

A restful night

Will’s through his first night and he slept well.  He is on an IV to keep him hydrated in this heat and is also on oxygen as his blood oxygen levels were low yesterday.

He looked wide eyed in the ambulance yesterday, wondering where he was going, but Denise was with him and holding his hand all the way, reassuring him he was going to a lovely place for the next few weeks.

His heart rate was normal so it didn’t seem to upset him and the ambulance volunteers really took care of him.

We had to get many bottles of IV for the week ahead so that he can keep up on his fluids so part of the donations go towards that and his food and visiting technicians, who helped set up the room.

He looks relaxed and comfortable and is responding to Frances with his eyes when she talks to him. Some Christmas decorations are being put up to give him a sense of the season but that may be an odd association given that it’s so hot!

The feeding tube is now in his mouth because it was a little difficult to get it through his nose as before but it may be more comfortable being able to breathe through both nostrils after having that tube in there for the past 8 months or so.

We have a ways to go to get all the flights needed and keep him in supplies so thank you to everyone who has already donated and if you are still on the fence or continuing to save up some pennies, donate as soon as you can as the faster we get the funds the quicker I can book the flights.

Let’s push that thermometer to 40% by tomorrow morning. I want to book at least his and Frances’s seats tomorrow.

31% On target!

We have got just over the target for today.  Well done 🙂 and thank you!

We are getting sooooo close to be able to buy the important business class tickets for Will and Frances, (the nurse) and then continue raising funds for the return trip in economy and the round trip in economy for Denise.

And today I have an announcement that will warm the heart for the season, as Frances has kindly offered out of the blue to care for him at her home in a quiet, cool, private room over the Christmas period until he gets on the flight.

Will’s bed and clean room.

He will be with a loving family for Christmas Day and will see in the New Year with his new friends and dedicated carers. I will be there by the morning of Dec 31st and will post a ‘family’ photo for New Year’s Eve.

We will still have the physiotherapist coming in to exercise him, and have had a consultation with a nutritionist to target increasing his muscle mass and weight.  The doctor who attended the tracheo removal is aware of where he will be and will come in whenever necessary after an initial check up when he arrives.

Oxygen and aspirator at the ready

The care home has done a good job to keep him going but the care team felt that is was time to give him the attention he needs to prepare him for the transition home. We want him in good shape, good spirits and without any infections now that the temperature is soaring in Lima and the air quality deteriorates.  As you know, his chest is prone to infection so we want to keep that clear for the flight and fatten him up with high quality food. He’s not quite ready for pie and chips but I think he appreciates good organic greens and protein.

Here’s Frances already making up food for his arrival this afternoon. It will be a busy kitchen for the next period especially over Christmas.

We will have pictures of Will in place by tomorrow and keep you posted on his progress.

As soon as I have the flights booked, I will inform you of the date and expected time of arrival back in England. And I can’t do that without your continued help and generosity.  Thank you all.


Just shy of 20%

Almost there for the daily target!

If we can get a few more today to get us to 25% by this time tomorrow we will be well on our way to getting the two vital one way business class tickets for Will and the nurse.

Then it’s a matter of getting the return flight for the nurse and the round trip flight for the assistant.  He has a lot of stuff going with him and needs two people to lift and turn him on those flat seats.

Keep the donations coming and spread the word to everyone who worked with Will, knows him from Hereford or from down in Devon.

We can do this!

15% and counting

Thank you.  We have got to 15% even though I really wanted today’s post to show 20%!

I have heard from a company in England who watched the BBC Midlands clip and is attempting to help in some way, either with contacts or donations to repatriate Will. I should know more on Monday.

In the meantime, please keep asking your colleagues at work, your managers or bosses, for anything you or they could do to put a little in the fund.

By Saturday I may also have some other news regarding Will’s care which will really help him. Stay tuned 🙂


£1,250 raised at The Victory

Many thanks to Chris Marchington, Holly Spice and all the bands that came up from Bristol for the event and to everyone that donated to get to £1,250 ($1,580).

Many people made the effort to drive up and donate, so if you couldn’t get there, please make your donation online NOW as we really, urgently need the total amount needed to buy the airline tickets.

Here’s the problem: If we keep getting a dribble of donations over a long period of time, all those funds get used just to keep him where he is!  So, please, please, please make a huge effort and dig deep – we have much more to raise to get to the funds we need in time.

As a bit of good news, I have made contact with a Business Class ticket consolidator so I can get the two Business Class tickets cheaper than anywhere else, to bring the total down to £6,500 (or $8,200). BUT we have to move quickly as these ticket prices will change the longer we leave it.

So, to focus our collective attention, I am initiating a countdown clock to reach our goal of another £5,200/$6,500 by Dec 31st otherwise he has to stay where he is for another few months, which is an unbearable thought.

Company donations:  Ask your company if they will make a matching donation or if they will donate to this worthy cause on a one off basis.  I may be able to arrange a registered charity to accept the donation so they can get a tax benefit but I haven’t had confirmation of that yet.
But ask anyway!

Not to put you off your dinner, but this is a “before and after” picture of Will from April to December.  He needs us. NOW.