We’ve done it!

I am so happy to be able to declare that we have raised $6,959 as of just now! That’s $459 over our goal.



I now have all the flights paid for with some left over towards the weekly care.  A huge thank you to everyone who has donated towards this flight campaign. I’m very moved and will be able to give Will the great news personally.

2 thoughts on “We’ve done it!”

  1. Well done Nic and all Will’s good friends. You are all phenomenal. It is very encouraging here in Lima to know that so many people are supporting Will, and it is marvellous to be able to tell him how many good friends he has. I saw him today and took him a Christmas cracker. He managed to hold on with his left hand and we pulled the cracker; Will won a car, a yellow paper hat and a really bad joke. He is looking healthy, and I think he is putting on a bit of weight. Due to your perseverance, you will soon be able to see him yourselves. Happy New Year to all.

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