Over 70%!

We are doing well!  With just under 30% to go, I know we can get there 🙂

I can report from Lima that Will is keeping awake for longer during the day and sleeping better at night so this shows me he is more comfortable and gaining strength.  He certainly look that way from this video from yesterday.

The team is doing an amazing job bolstering his morale and really attending to him like he was in a private clinic in Switzerland! This is what is needed to have him strong enough and alert enough to travel the huge distance back to Gatwick.

We are going to be making arrangements for the pick up at Gatwick once we have a definite destination, which could take until the first week of January to sort out.  Meanwhile, it looks like we will have additional help from a charity who saw his appeal on BBC Midlands and want to help us out. Those details will also be sorted out in the first week of January.

In the meantime we are still in need of anything you can give to ensure we have enough to get through until then. All the money has gone to flights so we are now on the weekly care budget of $500 per week, for the next 4 weeks.

It’s Christmas in two more sleeps!  Wherever you are, may the spirit of Christmas be deeply treasured in your heart and shared in your smile.

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