Don’t stop now!

Happy Solstice day, the day when the “sun stands still” and we have our shortest night in the northern hemisphere.  We begin our journey towards longer days and shorter nights but for Will it will be the opposite.

I know that last minute Christmas presents are likely to dominate the rest of this week (I haven’t even started my shopping yet!) but with just 10 days to go all we need is an average of $245 a day before the time clock gets down to zero.

There is still much to organise in England and Chris Marchington and I are working out the details of which hospital he goes to, how we get an ambulance to the aircraft side and where he goes to after that.  In Lima,  our focus is on making sure he is gaining muscle mass and stays free of infection and giving him round-the-clock care.  Someone who is unable to move by themselves has to be turned and repositioned every 2 hours as well as changed, fed, exercised and allowed time to sleep.

As I mentioned, I will be there for New Year’s Eve, which for most of you will be in the early morning, so hopefully when you wake up and put the coffee on I can post a few pictures and claim that we have got our goal.

4 more sleeps until Christmas!

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