60% achieved

We are on target for today with 60% of the goal achieved so thank you for making a huge effort these last few days.

With just over $2,500 to go, I know we can get our goal before the time clock runs out!  I want to be able to go down to Lima with all the flights booked, paid for and celebrate the New Year with him the day I arrive.

Thanks to a friend of mine here in Mill Valley who has allowed me to put the 2 business class flights and the return leg in economy on her credit card, I have been able to secure the tickets on the proviso that I will pay that off with the rest of the money raised.  The total for that was $4,710 so if we keep this going I will be able to pay her off in a few more days.

So, as of now, I can confirm that he will be leaving Lima on January 18th and arriving in Gatwick on January 19th.  Let’s get the last of the money needed to achieve the goal!

The total amount needed is for flights and critical care and we are spending about $500 a week on increased feeding with higher quality food, oxygen and round the clock one-on-one nursing attention – much more than was available at the care home.  The next few weeks are critical for him as he regains strength, maintains blood oxygen levels and hydration in the summer heat.

You saw Jorge yesterday, so today you are seeing nurse Maria, attending to Will this morning, sporting one of his favourite shirts.

I had a FaceTime call with him this morning and he looked straight into the camera and I think he understood the news that he was going home on the 18th, although he is unable to let us know with certainty what he is hearing and understanding.  He is getting stronger and squeezing Denise’s arm with his other hand so there are signs of progress.

We are busy arranging things in the UK for his pick up and transportation to a hospital and will have more details on that as and when. I will keep you informed.

Let’s do this!

One thought on “60% achieved”

  1. Amazing, just amazing news. Your coming home Will.
    Big thanks to everyone, what amazing news
    God bless everyone who has worked so hard to help our friend on his journey and on his next journey home.

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