Fit to Fly!

We have just had a visit by a doctor chosen from a list given to us by the Foreign Office who examined Will and declared to Elisabeth and Denise that Will is in very good condition, infection free and fit to fly with a nurse (no doctor needed) and an assistant.

This is fabulous news and brings the prospect of getting him home before Christmas a real possibility depending on getting the British end organized so he has somewhere to go.

What is amazing is that Denise told him a doctor was coming to see him to assess him and see if he could fly home and he opened his eyes wider than ever before and gave a HUGE grin, not just a little smile but a big, cheesy grin!!!!

So, time to get your dancing shoes on, find a venue and raise the air fare for him, Denise and a registered nurse to bring him home.

Thumbs up from the care team 🙂

7 thoughts on “Fit to Fly!”

  1. What wonderful news. Now to plan when, where to and how. Well done Nic and much love and gratitude to everyone out there who has pulled out all the stops on Will’s behalf. xxx

  2. Well i’ve been silent for a good few weeks now anticipating this news , it did look as though it were steadily leading to this ,I have to say i am completely over joyed to hear of his big grin reaction it only goes to prove that in his world he has been fighting and hoping for this anouncement for a very long time and good for him, Once again i have to thank all those who have been close at hand to feed to love and to give him his chance, He has overcome such a lot and fully deserves to lay in the lap of old blighty where his home and friends await him and many that love him are ready to rush to his side to greet him those faces and voices will spur him on, i will be leaving the USA early in 2017 for a new life in the tropics of the Philipines , and should be in a much better position to hopefully pay him a visit. I was in Nics company several weeks back when i had the chance to meet the wonderful amazing Denise she visited the US to take more supplies back to Will in Peru it was a pleasure to see her, She is nothing short of a totally devoted angel, As for that workhorse Nic Meredith I consider myself very lucky to have met such a good egg in my life, The circumstances are very unfortunate but non the less he is a brick.

  3. It is marvellous to know here in Lima that Will has such good friends in England. This is one of the things we can keep telling him to keep his morale up, and it must be so encouraging for him, it must give him real hope, something to look forward to. And I think Nic should be given a medal.

    1. I have done very little compared to all of the dedicated care and attendance of Denise and Elisabeth. Will would not have survived through his hospital ordeal if Denise hadn’t been there to translate, get all the documents signed in my absence and work with the SIS. And all the other care team members who have gone in voluntarily to care for a person they didn’t know. Truly gifts from God.

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