Tracheo Removal Day 4

Will is more relaxed and comfortable and starting to offer a twinkle of insight into his present state as he offers the tiniest of smiles when Denise comes to visit.

Here he is after his physio with Nancy (on the right) who has offered to do one more session per week for free giving him 5 days of visits and exercise and Elisabeth his full time care nurse on the left.

(The indentation on his forehead is from a long time ago and is not from this fall – they didn’t show up when we all knew him but now he is thinner, they do!).

He is breathing easily as the tracheo starts to heal and his chest is strengthening.

Please keep the donations coming so we can continue his care  (even though Nancy has offered to do one more day per week for free) as we are getting low on funds for flights.

Also we have been told by the Foreign Office that he may not need to pay the Peruvian governments “overstay fee” due to this accident and have been offered help with the forms for the immigration services when it is time to leave.

More soon.

One thought on “Tracheo Removal Day 4”

  1. Amazing Will. You look very distinguished. A bit like John Malkovich!
    Its so great that you are able to communicate with your smile and your eyes.
    Sending you loads of love xxxxx

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