Locked in my Body

I was moved by this shortened version of a BBC Three documentary about a Welshman named Terry Newbury who became ill with Guillain-Barré syndrome.  Although this syndrome is a virus and not a traumatic neurological impact like Will has suffered, I wanted to put this up on the site to show how important it is for us to understand what he has been going through, being locked inside his body for this period of time, unable to speak.

The positive note about the documentary is the speed in which Terry was able to speak after the removal of the tracheotomy and the benefits of the physiotherapy during and after his time in hospital.

We don’t have enough of a response from Will to spell out words for him like they do in the documentary and we won’t have access to eye following computers, so there is no way of him telling us how he feels.  As the doctor in the documentary says, “….. it’s that barrier between us that is so frustrating…..”.

Like Terry, Will is receiving physio four times a week from a very positive and energetic person.  The rest of the care home staff and the English speaking visiting team add their love and energy to him every day, the all important Human Factor that I believe is making so much of a positive difference to him.

img_6179I was just on FaceTime with Denise, Nancy the physio and Elizabeth and was able to look at Will with both his eyes fully open while he was having his legs exercised. His presence is so much stronger and he is gripping on with his hands when he is stood up.

We are now planning with the neurologist to have his tracheo removed next week which we believe will make him a lot more comfortable and maybe, with luck, we will hear his first sounds as he trains his vocal chords to speak again.

The next step is prepping him for the long flight home and getting the airline to agree to transport him.

Thank you all for your continued love, care and attention and please keep the donations coming no matter how large or small. We are doing our best keeping him cared for at the lowest costs but we still need your help each month.


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  1. Words just seem so insufficient here, and that is the precious gift he doesn’t have yet. Really pray he gets his voice back after the op. ❤️

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