5 months and counting

It has now been 5 months since Will’s accident.  He has been on a long and winding road to the care home where he is now and my gratitude goes on his behalf to all of you who have contributed to his well being, especially the incredible people in Lima who look after him on a daily basis.


Through your love, prayer and donations he is safe, in good health and gathering strength every day.

We are beginning to feed him orally with a view to progressing to the full amount needed each day so we can remove the feeding tube which is no doubt uncomfortable.  We are also working towards removing the tracheostomy permanently so he can learn to breathe normally and start to explore using his vocal chords.  We don’t know how long this will take or what words he will say but in the meantime we are communicating with him through eye movements and hand squeezes, which he is doing more and more.

We are down to our last 2 months of funding to keep him in this location with the weekly physio, supplements and supplies he needs, so on this first day of September, 5 months after his initial fall, I am asking you and everyone you know to make another commitment to donating to his fund so that we are ready for every positive outcome.

IMG_4638I am currently auctioning items for a friend on commission and all those amounts will be sent to the fund. I know some of you are thinking of running in the London marathon, doing some car boot sales and other activities to raise funds, so let’s make an extra effort to bring those to fruition and make sure he gets home to wherever he wants to be.

He has come a long, long way from his first prognosis and there is still so much unknown territory ahead.  Denise, Rosemary, Penny, Charles, Claudia, Elizabeth, Nancy (the physio) and I, cannot do this without you.

Thank you.

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