Health screening results

Good news ūüôā Will is in excellent physical health!!!

Big thanks to the neurologist and her colleague Doctor Martin (the other doctor that went in last week to see if he was ready for a tracheo reversal) who have done their visits free of charge as they had heard about Will’s case.

A nurse from the lab came in and took blood and had tests done and as a result of the nutrition, supplements and exemplary love and care, the doctors report that he is in excellent shape, with a few minor tweaks.  From the 8 pages of test result data that the doctors have looked through (again free of charge), it shows that all his internal organs are working very well, his blood oxygen level, kidney function, liver and blood glucose are all excellent.


He needs a little more potassium and protein but all in all he is doing very well. ¬†There might be a little urinary infection but that easily will be cleared up after the result comes back to tell us what it’s from.

Tracheo reversal:  At the moment he is not going to have his tracheo reversed, just a change of tube which is easy and can be done at the care home. He is not quite ready to have the reversal done without certainty that he will be able to expectorate without any problems, so that will have to wait a little longer.

Gastrostomy: And he has also been approved for a gastrostomy which will allow us to take that uncomfortable feeding tube out of his nose and feed him more directly into the stomach. We are negotiating with the same doctors who performed the tests to see if we can get a reduced price for this procedure and to date they have shown a willingness to work with us.

Denise is going in today to observe the tracheotomy reversal so I will get some more info later this evening.

He continues to have physio 4 times a week which sometimes seems to make him a little grumpy and he will be getting a new supply of protein powder and liquid Omega 3 oil.  I met up with Claudia who is one of his care team on Tuesday as she was on a conference trip to San Francisco, so she has taken down these items for me along with some liquid melatonin to help him regulate his sleep patterns.

We still need your prayers, support and donations as we go into the next stage of getting him prepared for his journey home so please keep thinking of ways to spread the word, do a sponsored event (a great British Bake Off type of event?!) or a whip round at your local pub. Thanks all and I look forward to the next update.


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  1. Delighted to hear of Will’s progress and improvement. Hope it all goes well for him. I enjoyed his company on EDWARD ELGAR where I was the Captain. Lovely,funny,intelligent man. Praying for him.

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