August 1st, 9am PST

One of Will’s regular visitors is Rosemary Underhay, who worked with the BBC in Peru and is a member of the local Anglican church in Lima, which I attended on my last visit.  She has been in to see him weekly and has diligently kept him up to date with news and current affairs as well as reminding him each time of where he is, how he got here and how many of his friends around the world are thinking of him. She has a lovely speaking voice and I’m sure he appreciates hearing her each week.  Thank you Rosemary. You are much appreciated by all.


Will’s therapy is continuing and is really beginning to bring him round as you will see from his eye movements in this video.  He is more attuned to Denise’s English voice and you will see him looking over to her as she speaks.

Nancy reports more activity in his leg muscles using her measuring equipment and is a wonderfully caring physio as you will see from this video.

Denise has been given the contact name of someone who can prepare a pair of orthopedic ‘bachas’ (as they are called in Spanish), which are leg supports for each leg so Will can be made to stand for short periods of time.

An appointment has been made for this Wednesday for her to come in and measure Will’s legs for fitment.

More updates as and when we get more information on his progress.

2 thoughts on “August 1st, 9am PST”

  1. This video of Will was wonderful to see, and he seems much more alert and almost as if his eyes smile with understanding of what is being said. I really love these people for the patience, care and their endless, tireless input. Much love to all the team and his new friends in Lima.

  2. Thank you, Nic, for your kind words. My contribution is really very small, though I imagine Will really does need visits. It is such a help to able to remind Will of his friends and that they are all standing by him. That must matter a great deal to him. Thanks to you and Denise and the support of all his friends, he is well provided for.

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