June 24th 9am PST

Imagine going to sleep knowing a certain world exists and waking up months later to find that the world you knew is no longer.  On this first day after Brexit, or the British Independence Day as some are calling it, Will lies in a care home in Peru unaware that all this mayhem is unraveling.

In some way, this seismic moment in British politics makes no difference to Will, but what will it mean for him coming back and what will he think of it?  Maybe nothing will change but I hope it will be for the better in terms of his ongoing care and rehabilitation user the NHS.

Will had a new visitor on Wednesday, a lovely man who is British, Irish and American called Carlo (or Charles), along with his wife Lilli and Penny.  He is a member of the Anglican church in Lima where I went last Sunday to visit with Rosemary and Penny who are also members of the congregation.  We were fast friends as Carlo has had similar experiences to Will and has traveled an adventurous road before his time in Lima. He lives nearby so will be able to go in once a week to play Will some books on tape (the first one being the Great Train Robbery, which should please him!).

Carlo reported that Will was asleep when they first arrived but opened his eyes after 15 minutes of them being there – he must have felt the presence of the 3 people in the room.  I have no new pictures or video to offer you but if there is any significant improvement I have asked whoever is there to take some and upload it to me.

Just like the future of Europe, we will only thrive if we work together and look after our mutual needs with tolerance and understanding.  Thank you for continuing to support our efforts in keeping Will part of our future.

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  1. Thank you Nic. That is great news. Will has always been able to attract interesting and loving people around him. It seems being unconscious has not diminished that skill! Much love to you and to Will and to all his new friends in Lima xxx Katy

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