June 21st 8am Lima

Most of you have seen the video I put up on Facebook yesterday immediately after I captured Will looking around for the first time this trip. He had not opened his eyes in the 7 days I had been visiting.  If you haven’t seen it, go to my previous Facebook post as it is too large to upload to the blog.

IMG_4047This is my last full day here before I leave at 10:20pm tonight and arrive back in San Francisco at 10:00am tomorrow morning and go straight in to work! I will be with Will this afternoon and allowed to stay a little longer before I head off to check in at the airport.

I am hoping that I see some more eye opening and other signs of Will coming round and I would like to think that the Omega 3 fish oils are helping him. The effects of his brain damage, according to a UK based neurosurgeon, are still severe and he has a long road to relearn the basics.  There is considerable brain damage anteriorly in the frontal lobes and in the temporal lobes, with the development of atrophy.  The frontal lobes are involved in personality, drive, social skills and intelligence, the temporal lobes with language and memory.  He is going to be left with a significant deficit from which there may be very limited recovery, so we must be prepared as even though he may improve to a degree for up to twelve months, whatever he is like now gives you a reasonable idea of how he may be.

In the opinion of the local doctor, it is highly likely that he will remain unable to move his arms or legs, as he was not reacting to the usual tests, even though he does flinch when I touch his feet or knees. This means (in terms that scare most people and elicit a heart stopping response) he would be classified as quadriplegic.  I know this is hard to hear but although the spinal cord was not severed he sustained significant damage to his brain to affect the motor functions, so unless there is a miracle and he is somehow able to ‘reconnect’ to them, he will remain this way.  Sorry, but this is the harsher physical reality alongside his recent awakening.

We must all hold him in our hearts and minds as the Will we all know.  And choose to see him healed and making progress in every way.

This is our Will.







2 thoughts on “June 21st 8am Lima”

  1. I have followed this on Facebook courtesy of Janey Hawtin. I don’t know Will. I have,however, prayed for his recovery and never thought he would get this far. So, I do believe the road is long, but feel that he will, with the further support of his incredible friends, make a recovery which will enable him to tell his tale. I await his fb posts.

  2. It is devestating news but everybody knew there was going to be a damaged Will , so it has to be onwards and Upwards the best we can do for him , He always ga be us joy,we owe him.

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