June 17th 10am Lima

The doctor didn’t come on Wednesday due to a personal emergency (?) so she came yesterday and stayed for about an hour checking Will over and communicating via Denise.

His organs are all working normally – kidneys, liver, waterworks and elimination and his pneumonia is keeping at bay, with normal secretions from the lungs. He does cough it up regularly which is a little hard to watch as he looks in discomfort but he is not in any pain.

He will need to continue his physical therapy for arms and legs and keeping being turned although the anti-bedsore mattress is working well with no signs of bedsores (he had a few from being in the ICU and the main ward until we got the mattress).

I will be taking Rosa in today to see him. You may remember that she was the first person to take me into the emergency ward when I first arrived back in April and her father was a Naval doctor who wrote a lot of the text books that most doctors still train from here in Peru.  She doesn’t speak English very well so won’t be a regular visitor as I need Will to hear English voices as much as possible reading him stories and current affairs.

We have a neurologist visiting on Monday (subject to the normal Peruvian wiggle room) so we can get a report on his condition for presentation to any airline that may be able to take him on a commercial flight.

And to lighten the spirit and remind us of the funny man he is, here is a photo of Will musing over two pears!

4 thoughts on “June 17th 10am Lima”

  1. And what a nice Pear(s) they are too. Thanks Nic for the update. Fingers crossed that his near is good news on Monday. Come on Will, keep on going mate x. Chrisy and Steve xxx

  2. Once again, Nic, I’m greatly moved by your dedication.

    This photo reminds me of the innumerable nights I spent with Will, after a hard day on the drawing boards at the Exhibition Design Company, back at his flat in Saltram Crescent (three doors from mine) going through his immense collection of VHS tapes recorded from TV comedy shows. As in this image, he had the knack of portraying a blend of John Cleese, Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Tony Hancock, Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel – you name them, Will’s eyebrows did the rest.

    Did I tell you about the time he took me to visit the shunting yards in Willesden? Beer had been taken, and we set off around midnight, legged it over the wall, and wandered the yards until we came upon a Deltic (beautiful piece of engineering) with its engines running. We spend an hour trying to work out how to get the thing moving (planning a trip to Edinburgh before we were caught) – but fortunately our beer-fuddled brains prevented us finding the button.

    I had to walk most of the way home, as I managed to write off Paul Cartledge’s bicycle which I had borrowed.

    1. Brilliant story. Will is a great story teller. He told us a story about when he went into a pub at Swiss Cottage one night when the footy was on. The he was cheering one of the teams on only to find out the the whole pub were supporting the other side, with that he made a swift exit… Ooop!

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