June 15th, 8am Lima

Arrived yesterday to find Will staring straight up at the ceiling with both eyes wide open. He was in kind of a daze when I stood over him so I spoke to him softly and he followed the sound with his eyes and then promptly closed them!  Was it something I said?!

Denise translated for me as I went through the various supplements just to make sure Elisabeth understood me when I was trying my best attempt at ‘Spanglish’ previously. We then spent time exercising his arms and legs and flexing his feet, talking to him, playing a message from Richard from Devon and playing some Stylistics and Pretenders. As we left I put him on his frequencies which have been designed to help keep his muscles from atrophying so much.  He is very thin and has lost a lot of weight from his face, arms and legs. This will be a shock to him when he gets his first look in the mirror but I must say that his complexion is looking as good as it was in his 20’s.

IMG_3805I put up a couple of pictures to remind him of his lifespan from the 80’s to a few days before he left for Peru (thanks Claire T). Some of you may recognise yourselves!


And lastly, here is a picture of the care home – he is in the upper right hand window of the greenish coloured building. The heavy metal gates are normal in Lima for security and privacy.


We will be joined by a local doctor at 2pm today to go over his vital signs and give us any more tips on keeping his pneumonia at bay along with any other recommendations. We will also be showing him the scans of his whole body to ensure that there are no other undiagnosed conditions resulting from the fall.  It still amazes me that there were no broken wrists, elbows or other bones from his fall and amazes me even more that he survived the fall if all the impact was taken by his skull.

The time is approaching for the next monthly payment for his care. We hand over around $700 on June 19th for the next month and will need to keep donations flowing in to cover this each month and leave enough for repatriation as soon as he passes the medical requirements of consciousness to be allowed on a commercial flight.

Thanks for your prayers, comments and donations – keep them coming, especially your messages to read out to him.

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