May 4th, 8:00am PST

I can’t help myself as I only get one opportunity to say this each year but…….May the 4th be with you!

With that over, Denise is in the hospital with Will as I write this and has communicated that Will is in a sectioned off area within the general ward to try and keep him better isolated from infection. He is still requiring medicine every couple of days and he has been bought a few simple sleeveless T shirts to keep him warm at night even though it is still very hot during the day.

I am building up a care package including a high quality protein and supplement mix (I work in a health store part time) along with other supplies to take down with me.

We are looking at long term care in a way which will keep his strength up, keep his muscles working and keep him free of infection, doing whatever we can to help him resurface to a higher level of consciousness. My wish is to be there if he opens his eyes again so he knows he is with a familiar person as I’m sure he will be completely disorientated not knowing where he is and how long he has been there.

Thanks for continuing to keep him in your prayers and helping to spread the word about the funding campaign.

Sea Travel option

I have researched the options for sea travel for Will’s return and even more restrictions apply than on airlines. Cruise liners would not allow anyone on board who has been sick for 3 days before the journey and they wouldn’t let someone on in a coma with potential for infection.

I would not consider cargo ship travel at this point.

The only option is Air Ambulance or private jet accompanied by a doctor.

May 2nd, 10:00 PST

Rosa was in to visit this morning and is arranging a meeting with the doctors to see if he can be taken back into the ICU at an intermediate level because of the risks of infection from being in the general ward.  As you can imagine, the hospital has to juggle care needs in line with available beds and urgency and although Will is out of immediate danger, he would be better off in a ward that would give him a better chance of being infection free.

So, with Rosa’s influence in the medical field (her father was a teaching doctor in the Naval Hospital and many of Peru’s doctors learned from his text books) she will use whatever means available to return him to the ICU.

Denise is also visiting care home facilities with doctors and nurses who are used to this kind of situation and working out the monthly costs. Although this would be more expensive, it would mean that if there were no beds for Will in the ICU we have the possibility of taking him to a facility that could be less ‘public’ and would have round the clock care.  Nothing has been decided yet and other alternatives are being sought, including his repatriation to England by whatever means possible.

I am attempting to get back there next Tuesday for a week to co-ordinate and make decisions and hope to have free airline tickets from Avianca and a hotel voucher from the Swissôtel.  Normally there is a 3 week booking period for these, so unless I can get that waived I will have to use some of the funds to fly down on American Airlines again and use the same cheap hotel. I will need to make this decision by tomorrow morning to get the cheaper rates so will be negotiating with Avianca today.

If anyone in Willieworld can offer a free hotel in Lima or book me a flight on American Airlines using points, it would help immensely in use of funds.  Contact me through the Contact page if you can.

May 1st, 6:00am PST

#WillWelch – Will has been taken out of the previous ward (a lower level of the main ICU) and onto a general ward.

Denise went in to see him and as she walked in she said “Hello Will” and he opened both eyes for a moment and looked at her but closed them again shortly afterwards and didn’t respond for the rest of the visiting session.  Remember that Will has never met Denise so has no idea who she is and may not be fully conscious anyway to recognise someone he does know.

Although this shows signs of progress, he is not in the type of ward where he gets direct and constant supervision so there is a possibility we may need to get him out of there and into a better facility as he is still prone to infections from the tracheotomy.  I will be speaking more with Denise and Rosa to co-ordinate what to do next.

Please keep spreading the word for donations and if you can, record a voice memo and send it via email to so that he can hear familiar voices now that we can play them to him with an iPhone (they are allowed in this ward whereas they were banned in the ICU).  The more he hears his friends voices the more he will be able to reorientate himself to his current state.