May 30th, 9:00 PST

Will has been visited almost every day since the last update with no discernible change in condition either way.

He continues to be given the best care from the nursing staff and is always found clean and positioned comfortably.

I am intending to go back down on June 12th or 13th for 8 days to bring more nutrition, talk to him and sign the papers for his monthly care (Denise was allowed to do this by proxy but they need my signature for financial responsibility), but the fares are now more expensive due to the tourist season. If anyone has some OneWorld air line partner Air Miles (American, British, Cathay, LAN), or AeroMexico that I could use, I would appreciate the offer. I don’t want to use the $800 required from the fund, if at all possible.  The flight vouchers I had on offer from Avianca are not useable until September but I do have a hotel voucher for 3 days, courtesy of Swissôtel.

The current available balance is $3,800 from the total of $6,968 raised so far, so around $3,000 has been used in the 60 days since he fell – that’s for everything associated with his rescue and hospitalisation and visits.  We will be using $700 or so per month, barring unforeseen circumstances, and we must leave enough in reserve for any repatriation/funeral expenses as unlikely as that now seems.

We are looking for continued monthly donations of $700 a month so please consider doing something like;

  • selling off old unwanted personal items on EBay
  • clearing out lofts and basements and having a jumble sale
  • sifting out old clothes you no longer wear and having a trunk sale
  • selling off an old car, bicycle or motorcycle you no longer use
  • having a pie sale (Will loves a good pie!)
  • doing a sponsored walk, run or cycle ride
  • buying one less coffee per day (that’s $30 a month right there!)
  • doing a sponsored team curry night (the hotter the spice the larger the donation!)
  • swapping store gift cards or vouchers for cash

If people know it is for a good cause and you show them the website, I’m sure there will be more support.  If you can commit to a monthly donation via YouCaring you will be ensuring Will’s ongoing care without stress to his sister or the caring team, so even if you’ve already donated please consider this as an option.

Here’s the link to the fund if you want to post it on your own website or send it to friends via email.

I know we all have so much on our plates on a daily basis and most of us have all our finances committed already, so thank you for digging deep.

And thank you all for your continued prayers, messages and Facebook shares.  Please keep the voice memos coming and send them via email to savewill[at]savewillwelch[dot]com.

Happy Spring Bank Holiday/Memorial Day

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