May 24th, 16:00 PST

Will is sporting a new blue T shirt, a haircut and a neck pillow that stops rotation so he can keep his neck straight.

His carers are doing a great job looking after him and as you can see, he has opened his eyes for a time while listening to Marvin Gaye.

Denise and I feel much better about him being here.

IMG_3482IMG_3485IMG_3480 IMG_3486

4 thoughts on “May 24th, 16:00 PST”

  1. Well this goes out to dear Wiill and all concerned what a fab picture of Will with eyes open he is still slowly gaining momentum and showing us these signs and signals, we are all relieved to hear that his transfer was a safe one and much gratitude again to Nic for finding and organizing this move, we all are grateful to the new staff at the care home and last but not least wills other guardian angel Denise

  2. What a great picture to see Will with his eyes open if only for a while. Come on Will, we want to see more of this mate. Lots of love Chrisy & Steve xx

  3. Great to see Will with his eyes open! Love the new T-shirt Will, and this looks a more comfortable place to be. Much love, Helena xx

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