May 20th, 8:00 PST Care Home Move

Well the big day came and Will was moved to a care home facility yesterday afternoon in another area of Lima.

It was a bit of a process to say the least but Will is now in a place where it will be a lot quieter and with the same nurses every day and night to look after him.  I expect it to take 4-5 days to get fully into the new routine as the nurses learn what specifics he needs, but he has his raw organic protein shake and personal ablutions to keep him clean, shaved and as free from infection as possible.

Denise did a fantastic job with the paperwork, the ambulance drivers and accompanied him on his journey to ensure he arrived safely. I only wish I could have stayed longer to be there and help out.

You can now focus in on him and keep sending him your prayers, messages and strength to Casa de Reposo ‘Maria Auxiliadora’ in the area of San Miguel. Here’s a map to show you where the hospital was on the right hand side and where he is now in San Miguel.

Map to care home




Here’s a photographic time line of how it all went.

Getting ready to lift him out of his bed
Putting him onto the stretcher
Wheeling him out of the ward
Getting a copy of his medical reports
More paperwork!
In the ambulance
Being taken into the care home
Being prepared for bed
All tucked up

2 thoughts on “May 20th, 8:00 PST Care Home Move”

  1. Thank you Nic, and thank you so much Denise for taking care of our Will. You are doing a brilliant job.
    Thank you so much
    Chrisy & Steve UK xxxxx

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