May 18th, 9:00 PST

#WillWelch:  Will had his brain scan done last night (only the head – the rest of the body was authorized and signed for but they didn’t do it) and he is going to be moved tomorrow into the care facility.

The ischemia has reduced, blood has been reabsorbed significantly but the brain damage is still there. He has no fever so he is ready to be discharged and the SIS will pay for the ambulance to transport him to the care facility.

Denise is letting Will know after listening to his frequencies and music and hopefully he will understand what is going on and where he is going.

Denise will be there for the first few days to provide continuity to him and make sure the bed is set up and his routine is established.  We have the remainder of the raw organic shake and will enquire what other food he will receive and adjust to that as necessary.

It is now a matter of time to see how much of his faculties will return to normal and although I know we all wish him a full recovery, it is highly unlikely that he will be the Will we all know and love from before.  Expect miracles for his highest good but be prepared for whatever is presented to us.  We will do whatever we have to.

I will ask for pictures of him in his new ‘home’ as soon as they get him settled.

2 thoughts on “May 18th, 9:00 PST”

  1. As usual Nic, thanks for the update.

    When Will was first taken into hospital, you mentioned he was “Level 2” (1 being the worst and 15 the best). He later shot up to Level 6 or 7. As he has being opening his eyes over the last week or so, has his level changed?

    1. I was actually incorrect with the terminology on my first few days there and the levels are from Level 3-15. He was at Level 3 and then went up to Level 5 while in the ICU and is about the same now. I don’t think it makes a difference if he opens his eyes it is more about his response to external stimuli like rubbing the sternum or tweaking the nipple.

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