May 17th, 6:00am Lima

I’m at the airport on my way back to the US after yesterday’s visit with Will, Denise and a private nurse, Zendy, who will look after Will today and Thursday depending on when the hospital decides to discharge him.

He is having his scans today apparently (this can change at the last minute depending on emergency patients needs). Once these are done they take 10-14 days to process and be made available but after they’ve been done the hospital will be looking to discharge him.  I await word from Judy and the a Foreign Office on her wishes and have a chosen care facility lined up to receive him after seeing 2 more yesterday afternoon.

He is stable, over his fever but still battling pneumonia. He needs aspiration daily and is on extra Vitamin C along with the raw organic shake. So for now we simply wait. His ongoing care is in our collective hands.

More tomorrow when I receive updates.

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