May 15th, 6:00pm Lima

A good visit today with lots of massages, cleaning, changing and some physical therapy. 

We scraped his tongue (a thick film builds up when you have your mouth open a lot and you aren’t using it to eat or drink) and cleaned his whole mouth with bicarbonate of soda. Managed to get his tracheotomy site cleaned up and dressed with colloidal silver gel after a rather messy aspiration – he doesn’t like that process at all.

He opened his eyes multiple times and was more present than I’ve seen before – probably the rude awakening of the aspiration followed by the relief of the abdominal and foot massages.

Tomorrow we train the agency nurse for her duties this week and next before I leave on Tuesday. She will be a consistent person who will alternate with Denise and make sure Will gets everything he needs.

We really do need your continued donations to facilitate moving him to the care home for the period between his discharge and any flight home, be that by air ambulance soon or commercial flight when and if he can be brought round to fully conscious. I await revised costs of the air ambulance from the Lucie Blackman Trust and then we have the task of raising the funds to pay for it. 

One thought on “May 15th, 6:00pm Lima”

  1. Great work Nic you are doing an amazing job. Thank you somuch and please send Will our love. Andy & Ro XX

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