April 22nd, 9:00am PST

Denise has done wonders getting Will’s government paperwork signed so that his care can be extended. It took about 3 hours even with preferential treatment. We cannot thank her enough for taking this on for us.

Meanwhile, I will be changing this site into a more responsive platform for blogging and updating so it will go through a few changes over the weekend.

April 21st, 9:00am PST

Denise reports that the doctor in the intermediate ward saw Will open his eyes and move his legs yesterday. He has had some of his favourite music played through headphones and continues to receive massages on his legs, arms and hands and the bruising is almost gone around his eyes.

April 19th, 9:00pm PST

Rosa was with Dr. Diaz today, (the doctor who spoke with all of us on Monday). He reconnected Will to the artificial respirator because he can not breathe on his own yet. After three hours they will remove it and keep trying to see if he can breathe by himself.

He continues at the same level of 4 to 5 on the Glasgow Coma Scale and is being fed pediasure adult so that he can keep his strength up. They will try him off the respirator again at some point.

April 18th, 8pm, Lima

My last day here today. I will be sad to leave Will but not concerned about his ongoing care – the doctors and nurses are wonderful and he is being taken good care of in the ICU (UCI) and will be receiving visits from Denise,, Frances and the amazing Rosa, who has been an incredible support for my entire trip. Your dear friend Will is going to be surrounded each day by people that care for him and know how much he is loved by all of us. I will be in the USA Tuesday afternoon and will try to update that evening before I conk out!

April 17th, 8:00pm, Lima

Will has a slight fever today and is having a few small changes to eliminated where it is coming from. He is still at Level 5 and has been visited by a new member of the care team, Denise Crisanto, who is Scottish/Peruvian and the daughter of Frances Crisanto-Clark, who has had a long career as a nurse here. Frances is another of the care team members and will be visiting tomorrow.

April 16th, 8:00am, Lima

I had Will’s belongings shipped back to Lima for safe keeping with the British Embassy along with his passport in preparation for my return to the USA on Monday night. I will be picking them up from the courier office at 11am this morning and trust they are there safe and sound.

I will visit him again this afternoon at 3pm and will report any changes I see or am told. The latest scans do show deterioration of the areas around the brain trauma and in the words of a neurologist, this is not a brain injury that is likely to be survived with any degree of quality of life.