April 19th, 9:00pm PST

Rosa was with Dr. Diaz today, (the doctor who spoke with all of us on Monday). He reconnected Will to the artificial respirator because he can not breathe on his own yet. After three hours they will remove it and keep trying to see if he can breathe by himself.

He continues at the same level of 4 to 5 on the Glasgow Coma Scale and is being fed pediasure adult so that he can keep his strength up. They will try him off the respirator again at some point.

April 18th, 8pm, Lima

My last day here today. I will be sad to leave Will but not concerned about his ongoing care – the doctors and nurses are wonderful and he is being taken good care of in the ICU (UCI) and will be receiving visits from Denise,, Frances and the amazing Rosa, who has been an incredible support for my entire trip. Your dear friend Will is going to be surrounded each day by people that care for him and know how much he is loved by all of us. I will be in the USA Tuesday afternoon and will try to update that evening before I conk out!

April 17th, 8:00pm, Lima

Will has a slight fever today and is having a few small changes to eliminated where it is coming from. He is still at Level 5 and has been visited by a new member of the care team, Denise Crisanto, who is Scottish/Peruvian and the daughter of Frances Crisanto-Clark, who has had a long career as a nurse here. Frances is another of the care team members and will be visiting tomorrow.

April 16th, 8:00am, Lima

I had Will’s belongings shipped back to Lima for safe keeping with the British Embassy along with his passport in preparation for my return to the USA on Monday night. I will be picking them up from the courier office at 11am this morning and trust they are there safe and sound.

I will visit him again this afternoon at 3pm and will report any changes I see or am told. The latest scans do show deterioration of the areas around the brain trauma and in the words of a neurologist, this is not a brain injury that is likely to be survived with any degree of quality of life.

April 15th, 7pm, Lima

Will has not changed up or down today and is still at Level 5. It’s hard to tell which direction he will go in next but he is stable and a new doctor Dr. Jesus Ayauro is now his primary doctor. Dr. Guerrero performed the tracheotomy. He has had new x rays and I await diagnosis from UK and US contacts as before.

April 15th, 7:00am, Lima

Looking forward to seeing Will again today and seeing if there is any further progress since yesterday. The doctor in the ICU is Dr. Guerrero and the plan is to have him accept a small team of carers who he will authorize to visit once I am gone. I will post an update later this evening. Keep Will in your daily thoughts and while you are in the spirit of this moment, reach out to someone you haven’t seen for a while to tell them you love them.

April 14th, 9pm, Lima

It looks like your prayers and encouragement are having some effect as there has been some progress in his condition from Level 3 to Level 5. The nurse tweaked his nipple (very sensitive, as you know) and he responded.

If he continues to make progress towards a Level 6 then we have some hope that further reduction in pressure on his brain is occurring. We must keep ourselves hopeful and also realistic, as there is a long way to go to be able to determine the outcome.

So please continue your prayers, messages and encouragement and I will continue reading them to him and giving leg, ear and hand massages.

April 14th, 8am, Lima

Thanks to everyone for sending birthday messages. I read them all to him and presented him with a card from you all along with a delicious chocolate cake and a round of happy birthday in English and Spanish (plus an attempt at the Welsh version!). The staff were very genuinely happy to sing along and join in on the cake – I don’t think they get that too often – and Will was clean shaven and spiffy for his big day.

There is no change in his condition either way and he remains under sedation and is more comfortable after his tracheotomy. The doctor in charge of the ICU has said that he could be this way for up to 3 weeks depending on his strength and they cannot operate on him in this condition.

April 13th, 8:00am, Lima

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL 🙂 Will was born in Liverpool 59 years ago so please consider a moment of silence and then a big cheer for our dear friend.

I will visit him today at 3pm and do my best to get all the staff to join in when I sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. Due to the stricter controls in the ICU, I am not allowed to bring in a cellphone to play individual messages so I have transcribed them into a notebook so I can read them. I know it is not the same as him hearing them in your own voices but at least he will hear them.

April 12th, 5pm, Lima

Or so I thought!!!. I arrived only to find that Will had been moved to the ICU at long last and had a tracheotomy to replace the intubation. This reduces risk of infection from having the tube down his throat and makes him more comfortable. His ICU doctor says that he is now under sedation and they have no plans to operate.

The doctor said that he could be this way for another 2-3 weeks.