April 29th, 8:00am PST

#WillWelch update From Denise Crisanto-Clark.

“I went in to see Will on Thursday, who’s being taken good care of by hospital staff at Dos de Mayo; even though it’s one of the most basic places you could imagine, the pool of doctors are of a very high standard, plus nurses are very caring.

I always find Will very clean and constantly supervised. I was even approached by a social services assistant who was querying a bit more about Will and talking to me about support. Needless to say, constant visits are a must because he needs supplies to be taken in on a daily/interdaily basis.

I said hello to Will and started stroking his head, and to my surprise got some reaction with him moving his head slightly and yawning, which for me meant the acknowledgment of this visit. I also noticed his left eye was slightly open and the doctor confirmed that he has been trying to open his left eye. There are no other considerable changes and his condition is still delicate. Will has an infection in his tracheotomy site, for which he’s been give some antibiotics. I will be there tomorrow (Friday) to see if we need to take in any more antibiotics. Doctors can’t say at this stage when he could be moved to a general floor (or be fit to be moved at all) until he is out of risk of infection.
I did some physio on Will’s legs, played him some music and relayed the love that’s been sent from his friends from all over the world. I also told him that everyone’s wanting him to get better, so he’d better know that. He needs a lot of support, so your prayers, wishes, donations and options for the future are very necessary and welcome at this point.”

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  1. Hi Nic it’s lovely to hear more about Will and the support from the staff there is caring and reassuring. It’s lovely to know that he is responding to touch and know we all love and care for him. Thank you Nic. Keep going Will we want you to be strong and get better xx

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